What Makes a Good Medical Billing Service?

Normally, when you are asking for tips on how to look for an excellent medical billing service, people will tell you a truckload of technical features. Your criteria, however, should be more than ease of use and scalability. In fact, the following are the most important and should be on top of your list:

Ease of Communication 

Communication is more than just plastering contact details on the website or letting you know they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It definitely goes beyond that. It means that your medical billing service is prompt in honoring your requests as well as answering your questions and issues. Though they do much of the work, they do not put you on the side lines. In the end, it is your decision that really matters. They inform you about the steps they have undertaken and how far they have progressed in many ways such as reports and notifications.

A good Arizona medical billing may provide you your own online account, where you can check how they are doing in terms of collection.

Solid Processes

When it comes to medical billing AZ, the technologies used and even the staff are only secondary. What is so essential is the process. What is their regular period before they write off uncollectibles? How do they send out their notices or present their bills? What are their steps when it comes to unpaid claims, soft collections, and underpayments?

It is fundamental the processes for medical billing do not just address the steps that have to be undertaken but also who should be responsible and/or accountable. Technologies are simply used to automate and make these processes more efficient.

Clarity or Transparency

Transparency is very important whenever you select a medical billing service. It tells you their success rate without sugarcoating. They lay down realistic expectations and inform you whenever there are mistakes that have to be corrected. The Arizona medical billing should display financial reports as what they are, telling you how much they have collected and how much needs to be realized. There is no padding or exaggerating just to please you.


When it comes to your medical billing AZ, you should not be struggling contacting them whenever you need help. It must be easy for you to customize the processes according to your needs and preferences. Convenience can also come in the form of tools available, such as the online account we mentioned awhile ago. Asking for reports and updates must be extremely fast.


Why is it so important for you as well as your medical billing AZ to value confidentiality? You do not want to get caught in any legal trouble. Your profession is bound by certain ethics, which include no patient information should be made available to the public without their permission and/or knowledge. Violating it is tantamount to medical malpractice. You can have your licensed revoked and your name shamed. Thus, you better search for medical billing that HIPAA compliant.

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